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Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend … whose passion it is to explore, share and celebrate the greatness of God with others.

My Story

The delight of my life has been in raising my family and sharing a life of ministry with my husband, an Episcopal priest.

God's Word as a Foundation

My faith caught fire in me when I began to study the Bible. It was always there, I think, but suddenly the pieces of my thought-life and prayer-life began to connect like a series of chain reactions, igniting one after another. Studying God’s Word became the conduit to the powerful, radiant presence of God that beckoned me to know Him more. Over the years, we have experienced many joys and sorrows, ups and downs. God’s Holy Scriptures have been a lifeline of security, direction and hope. As I  have continued in my earnest and passionate study of the Bible, I have found God’s steady presence in my life. He deepens my faith and my joy in His living presence, every day. I am eternally grateful for the Rock under my feet every single step of the way.


Bible Studies

For the last twenty years, it has been my privilege to share my enthusiasm for God’s Word with women of all ages. Some years, I have written and taught my own bible studies. Others years, I have taught from a vast resource of biblical scholarship that has faithfully paved the way. It turns out I love to study a biblical commentary as much as anyone, probably more! If you drop by my home unexpectedly, you are likely to find five or six books strewn on the living room sofa, two or three different translations of the Bible open, at least one large concordance, and more recently a Hebrew/Greek Lexicon for the Old and New Testament.

My Book and Other Publications

In 2015, I published my first devotional book, Hand in Hand, Walking with the Psalms through Loneliness (Radiant Star Books). As the product of a family that moved frequently throughout childhood, this book was the fruit of my lifelong labor to discover the home for the human heart. Hand in Hand offers words of encouragement and hope, while providing practical steps to walk right out of loneliness into the Presence of God.

I have also published a number of articles in a variety of Church publications, as well as written a column in the local newspaper, called “Faith Reflections”.

I am always working on a new idea for a book. I have hundreds of ideas. I’ll be sure to let you know when my next book is published!



I love writing my blog. It is a little more free-form than my other endeavors. Currently I post a blog called The Daily Bread in which I contemplate the glory of God in the mundane and the extraordinary, the trivial and the significant. It is my daily discovery that God is alive and well and as near as our closest breath.

Recently, I have also been a guest contributor to the “The Living Church” weblog, Covenant.

Elizabeth in Chapelle


A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, I worked in the corporate world as a business executive, developing business materials, including newsletters, brochures, annual reports and press releases. I continue to use my writing skills in non-profit communications and development.

When I am not writing or teaching, you can find me walking by the bay, hiking in the mountains, or working in my garden, always contemplating God’s glory, and then rushing to go write it all down.