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Brief Thoughts on Grief – Longing

In the days that followed my dad’s death, I found it curious as to when tears came and when they did not. In the mix of family and friends, community supported me, and I was buoyed by their strength and love. Tears usually came when I was alone, and especially when I was tired. They were a release.  Strangely I found the tears peaceful. Right and good and pure. I liked that quiet place where I could enter those feelings of sadness and loss, but also joy and fullness. They came at funny times - washing the dishes, riding in...
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Brief Thoughts on Grief

Normally I would start a new series of blogs that coincided with the New Year with a positive encouraging message, and I believe I do, here… now. It just happens that my New Year’s message is about grief. Normally I wouldn’t write about grief at all, because I am so unfamiliar with it in terms of death and the loss of a loved one. But now that I have walked through a first round of holidays in a new way, in a grief of sorts, I wanted to share it. I feel certain that it is a pertinent topic for...
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