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Deep Waters

A reflection on Psalm 29, dedicated to our beloved friends who have lost their family and friends in the flood and to the community of Corpus Christi and beyond who have joined together to share the burden in love.

“The voice of the Lord is over the waters.” - Psalm 29:3

Th first time I remember reading this verse, I was 30,000 feet over the waters. I looked through the small, oval glass, through splintered beams of sunlight, over the great, vast expanse of waters- remote, sparkling, endless. Wave upon wave, that rolled with no clear shore. Water, water everywhere, I...

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Movie Review

The scene is typical. Middle-aged man struggles with feelings of self-doubt. Ex-wife comes and goes, imparting a disconcerting balance of personal accusation and love. Estranged daughter entwines her life with his, just closely enough to strategically assault him with knowledge of his own faults. And he gets up one more day to see if today will be the day he proves to everyone his success, his worth, the meaning of his existence. The scene is tough, crass, and raw. We, the audience, squirm in our seats, uncomfortable and nervous, because we know he is losing the battle. The weight is...

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