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The Gift of Kairos

God’s timing is perfect. I rely on this maxim more than I know. I am constantly juggling time. Calculating how long it will take me to accomplish a task, and then arranging my tasks like little puzzle pieces throughout the day. The clock on my wall is like a stop watch that I use to measure my day, to see if I am keeping up or falling behind. Some days are more a race against time. That is when I have to remind myself that God’s timing is perfect.

Of course, God stands...

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Walking In The Light

Did I tell you about the Light? I poked my head out the back door to survey the morning - how cool it had got overnight, and whether the wind had picked up. In my somnolent fog, holding a cup of hot coffee, a shimmering rose glow caught my attention. It lit up the side of the neighbor’s house. Then I noticed it laced the clouds, and pink highlights were dripping from the leaves of the trees. Then it dawned on me. The sun was coming up. Already... and without me! I raced to put my shoes and walking gear...

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A Word of Encouragement

Encouragement. One of my favorite words. The word alone speaks hope.

I’ve been reading in the book of Hebrews about how we are to encourage one another daily. Great sentiment. Harder to do. Have you ever been the listening ear to someone who is a little blue, or dejected, or downright in despair? Our words of encouragement sound like

rhyming, sing-song jingles offering sugary confection. Though well-meaning, I often feel

like I have handed a lollipop and said “I hope you feel better” to one who has deep wounds.

Fifth to only understand. The premarin tablets...

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Betting on Hope

I am generally an optimistic person. I see

my glass half full, if not more. I am happy to wear rose-colored glasses, and see the best in people, most of the time. Really, it’s the only way to go through life. Some might call this naive, even foolish. And perhaps I am. It might be foolish to believe a team with the most heart, but a losing record, could win the next big game. Or that good guys who play by the rules win, or that love conquers all. But I am ok with that. I’d rather see the...

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