The Splendor of You!

Welcome! I welcome you as a friend. I am prepared to share a piece of my world with you, and you are invited to do the same. In this we shall be sojourners, walking along the same path.

You will discover I do a lot of walking. It?s hard for me not to talk about the walking, because it is where God speaks most clearly to me. You will read often of my thoughts as I walk along the bay front of my home town. It is so easy for one?s thought?s to soar, for one?s spirit to take flight, along the water?s edge. The seagulls, the pelicans and a solitary heron, stretched out long and graceful over the water are my inspiration. As are the clouds, the wind, and the bright radiant rays of dawn. I will no doubt speak much of these scenes, for I am completely awed by God?s creation.

It is easy to see the splendor of God in his created world. The colors, the textures, the tones, on display like a grand work of art for us to admire. In it we see a reflection of the artist, a hint of his own brilliance and mastery. And then I remember Ephesians 2:10, which says that we are God?s workmanship. We are his multi-hued, multi-textured, complex woven work of art.

Do we see it? Do we see it in the pattern of freckles on one?s nose? Do we marvel at the shade of blue in someone?s eyes? Do we see the whole

perfect design coming alive in

the act of love, friendship or forgiveness? We are tiny individual mirrors reflecting God?s radiance, no less than the depths of the waters, the hues of the sunrise, or the glory of a bird on a wing. Do we see it in each other?

What I love most about my time spent in the

midst of God?s natural creation is that I feel very close to his presence. His character is on full display in which I can completely immerse myself. On very introspective days, I would say

I am united to it. What if we were united to each other (his pinnacle creation) this way? What if we experienced the Lord?s presence most when we were together?

Paul called this the mystery that God waited until the fullness of time to reveal. (Ephesians 1:9-10). We each were born with a part of the image of God, a piece of the whole. The whole masterpiece will never be complete until each of us comes together in unity. And when we do, when we look at the variety of our colors, characters, talents, whimsies, and humors, our composite will be a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. God?s Magnum Opus! We cannot do it on our own, we cannot be it on our own. But we can enjoy it together.

So I welcome you. Let us walk together so that we may know the fullness of Christ together and share in his divine workmanship.

(My new Book, Hand in Hand, explores this subject in Chapter 26 more fully).