This is a re-run for a very few number of you… I wrote this a couple years ago, but will tell you I had the exact experience today and remembered this post. I like it. I hope you do too.

I have just returned from a glorious walk on a Spring day. I don”t mean to rub it in, for those of you who are still in the death grip of winter, but Spring is already burgeoning here and I am feeling expectant… hopeful… eyes wide open. The sun is just warm enough to make you want to bask in it. And the breeze is just strong enough to

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make you think your feet might leave the ground, if you lift your arms up and pretend you are a kite. I can walk miles on days like these, just swinging my arms and looking at the sky.

Towards the end of my walk today, I was overcome by a chorus of squawking. I was nearing the corner of my street which is overgrown with a thick wall of bamboo. Suddenly I heard the tropical shrills of chattering birds that sounded a lot like a room full of women at a baby shower. The sound was massive. It was a commotion. I had to stop to see what in the world kind of birds were making so much noise. I

looked up and could see nothing but leaves and shoots. But the squawking remained. I moved slowly closer, and little by little, the busy clamor started to die down. Still I peered into the thick branches and I could see no evidence of any birds. But I could hear them, although they were on to me now. They must have been holding their collective breath, as I stood right under them, trying to catch some form of movement. I stood very still. They stood very still. And then I saw them. First one. Then two, three, a whole cluster of them. Tiny little things, I know not what. But groups of tens and twenties, all clustered together. There must have been a hundred or more in that nest of bamboo trees. How is it online casino that it took me so long to see them? I knew something was there, but it took great effort to see it.

Sometimes our lives are like this. We can stare right into the dense, woven thicket of our lives and wonder what is God up to? Is He even there? We look with our worldly eyes and survey the landscape, often left feeling bewildered and empty handed. Almost duped.

Isaiah 43:19 says “See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Not very well, Lord. Why is it that we can look directly into a situation and see nothing of God in it. Perhaps we were walking by too swiftly and didn”t take the time to slow down. Perhaps we were too noisy and needed to come to a complete stop to perceive the landscape a little more accurately. Perhaps we were not looking for the right thing. Maybe we have been looking for reason… and not love. We can”t see God because we were not looking for him. Jesus spoke of sharing the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but those secrets would only be revealed to those who had eyes to see (Matthew 13: 11-16). Those who really wanted to see him. Who stood and waited for him.

When we do that …watch out!

First one truth, then another…three then four… a whole cluster of secrets, and joys, and understandings and “aha” moments. The veil is lifted for a moment, and we get a vision of the Lord and it is breathtaking. His beauty and his majesty overcomes us.

One thing I am learning is that nothing is ever what it appears to be. Moreover, in God”s economy, there is always a purpose infinitely greater and more beautiful to a circumstance or person, than just what is seen on the surface.There is an abundance of life, shouting at us like little birds from branches. There is an abundance of love, hovering over us, beating its wings like a mother fluttering over her young. Let us pray as the psalmist prays, “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things…” (Psalm 119:18)

“But if you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.”(Deuteronomy 4:29)

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