Isaiah 6:1-13

In this lesson, we got to sit in on God’s commissioning of Isaiah – 
how he received his call to be a prophet for God. We saw Isaiah’s great vision of God and what he is like.
God, seated on a throne – high and exalted – with his train – indeed his whole presence filling up the temple, and the heavenly beings surrounding him, shaking the doorposts and the thresholds with their praises, singing Holy, Holy, Holy.

And we saw a prophet, deeply shaken for his sinfulness before a holy God. We see Isaiah’s confession and the gracious provision of God to provide atonement for Isaiah’s sin, through a coal from the altar of the Lord. And then immediate reconciliation between the Holy God and his servant, Isaiah.  Then suddenly, Isaiah can hear the Lord speaking in his ear, “Who will go for us?” and the whole-hearted response of Isaiah, “Here am I… Send me!”

It is a vision of heaven and earth merging together and a prototype of our call, confession, cleansing and commissioning.