Isaiah 5:1-30

Please find the recorded lesson on Isaiah 5:1-30.

In this week’s lesson, we hear a love song about God’s vineyard – the beautiful planting of the Lord – the love story that was supposed to be between God and his beautiful vine, which in the Song of Solomon depicts the vine as his beautiful bride…but because of the arrogance of the people, their appetite for pleasure, their complete devotion to themselves, they turn from him, and will bear the judgement of their own actions. So we hear God’s lament – “what more could I do for the vineyard than I have already done” – and then the deep cry of sadness in his 6 woes.

Then we read Psalm 80 and John 15, where we learn a little more about vine.  Jesus calls himself the vine. Jesus says that those that are in him are also part of the vine – and the Gardener indeed has a plan to restore his beautiful planting on the hillside – the love story between himself and his bride. We are a part of that story. We are part of the vine – the garden of his delight.

Unfortunately, the first ten minutes (or so) did not get recorded properly. So the lesson picks up at the end of verse 2.