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Today I Planted Petunias

Today I turned on the news. Stocks have tanked, and oil crashed and the virus spreads. Growing dread. Today I turned off the news. Today I went to the store. Lines form for empty shelves and the shoppers hoard. Panic soars. Today I stayed home from the store. Today I scrolled on my phone. Tidbits and memes compete and politics abound. No comfort found. Today I turned off my phone. Today I got some sad news. Sweet friend hushed a goodbye. No words to speak Tears down my cheek Today I got some bad news. Today I planted petunias. A heart unfolds in the sun and a garden renews, a promise imbues. Today I planted petunias. It seemed like the only appropriate response. I just...
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Irrational Prayer

I am a person of prayer. I pray a lot. I pray for others. And I pray for myself. I pray grandiose prayers - prayers that are meant to shake the earth. I pray trivial, pettish prayers that reveal my weakness and small-mindedness. I pray with lists and proposed outcomes. I pray out of a poetry in my heart. I pray rational prayers. I pray irrational prayers. I’d like to say I am learning a lot about prayer. I won’t try to summarize those lessons here. However, if I were to describe what I’ve been doing, I might say “dancing” - the kind where you are close enough to...
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Gentle Waves

I like to pray on my morning walks by the bay. The wide, endless skies and the expansive waters that stretch beyond the horizon inspire me in the early morning hours. Today I prayed as I walked, “Jesus, fill me up with everything I need today.” It was a good prayer. Simple. Direct. Not too demanding or narrow-minded. Open to the possibilities. I didn’t really know what lay ahead for the day or what my real needs are or would be. So I thought this prayer was sufficient to address my...
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I love these robust blooms! They are not just stunning in size and color, they have a certain swagger about them that makes me smile. A certain boldness that inspires me. Just when my other plants are withering in the intense summer heat, my hibiscus thrives. I never planted it. It was here before I arrived - a native and a precursor to all my grandiose ideas for a garden. I hardly notice it, while I dandle over my more delicate specimens, treating them with kid gloves. This bright variety of hibiscus...
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