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I love these robust blooms! They are not just stunning in size and color, they have a certain swagger about them that makes me smile. A certain boldness that inspires me. Just when my other plants are withering in the intense summer heat, my hibiscus thrives.I never planted it. It was here before I arrived - a native and a precursor to all my grandiose ideas for a garden. I hardly notice it, while I dandle over my more delicate specimens, treating them with kid gloves. This bright variety of hibiscus...
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Write What You See

Write what you see. So a friend said.She got the advice from Eugene Peterson, the author of the Bible translation called The Message, who understood it as his call to write.Eugene Peterson got the advice from John, the Beloved Disciple, the author of the Revelation. John was worshiping the Lord and praying in the Spirit one day, exiled on the island of Patmos, when he heard a loud voice – presumably the voice of God - saying “write on scroll what you see…” (Rev 1:11)So the advice comes down from a good Source, and I hear it speaking to me...
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During the first days of grief, it was clear to me that God wanted to comfort me through the kindness of others. His ministry of strength came through the words and loving actions of so many. It came through the onslaught of cards and emails expressing sympathy. It came through the many shared stories of loved ones long gone. It came through charitable hugs and embraces that developed into deeper conversations. It came through shared tears. Suddenly, a door had been open to speak a common, but more profound, language together. I discovered a new fellowship, opened only by the...
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Brief Thoughts on Grief – Longing

In the days that followed my dad’s death, I found it curious as to when tears came and when they did not. In the mix of family and friends, community supported me, and I was buoyed by their strength and love. Tears usually came when I was alone, and especially when I was tired. They were a release. Strangely I found the tears peaceful. Right and good and pure. I liked that quiet place where I could enter those feelings of sadness and loss, but also joy and fullness. They came at funny times - washing the dishes, riding in...
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