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This season of pandemic has caused, forced, compelled, inspired many of us to do things so very differently. One significant shift, I believe, in most people’s lives, has occurred in the online implementation of our day to day functions and responsibilities. We have all had a lesson on how to shop, study, worship, parent, socialize, work, even play using the latest innovations of technology, all the while, keeping our distance from just about everyone. 

For me, the rapid shutdown of most public activities this past spring, encouraged me to think about and to execute my writing and teaching ministry in new way. In March and April, I was winding up a year-long lesson on the Gospel of Matthew and was eager to finish it in full-stride, not just for myself but for our faithful group who had persevered, which we did online. In addition, I found I had plenty of time to write more blogs, and explore with others online, what we were feeling and experiencing as a community. I discovered there was a ready appetite to study and engage in theological dialogue online. We were, as a community, very hungry to hear God’s Word during this time, and to hear from each other.

Not knowing what tomorrow will hold for our economy, our national health, our political landscape, our local Church, I felt a strong desire to create an online bible study for a community wider than my current parish-wide study, a study that blurs geographic restraints and brings community together. So I got to work right away on the preparation and study for a 13-week study on the Psalms. Quickly I could see that I would need a new, up-to-date version of my website to facilitate my idea. So I got to work right away on a total re-creation of my website, one that would be able to manage the many ways I wanted to use it interactively. Today, as a subscriber to my blog, you are the first to see the fruit of this labor. 

My new website elizabethheadblack.com features all the details of my book, “Hand in Hand, Walking with the Psalms through Loneliness”, my blog, “The Daily Bread,”  (of which you are already a subscriber) and my upcoming Fall Bible Study, “Pilgrim’s Path-A Study of the Psalms”. I love that the Lord has intertwined the Psalms throughout these different elements. Perhaps my blogs will take on a particular Psalms focus this Fall. I am inclined to think of the website like a vessel, an offering plate perhaps, that holds these three facets of my ministry, open to everyone who might need something from it. It is certainly my offering to the Lord. But the more I think of it, maybe it is His offering to us, a vessel, a vehicle for his gifts to pour abundantly upon us. I hope so.

I hope you will take the time to look through the website, and especially the Bible Study page, and its links for all the details about Pilgrim’s Path” . More importantly, I hope you will consider joining me in the journey. Please share this blog, and the link to my Bible Study with someone you know who might be interested. It is for everyone – men and women, young and old, new in the faith, skeptics too, and those who have already been walking the path a long while. I am very excited about this study, as it provides a framework to see and understand the work that God is doing in each of our lives, right now, and where He wants to take us! 


“This is what the Lord says…..
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert, and streams in the wastelands.”
Isaiah 43: 16,19

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, 
who have set their hearts on pilgrimage…
They go from strength to strength, 
till each appear before God.”

Psalm 84:5,7

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  1. Hello, friend!
    I think I may have fallen off your email list with the change to your new website. So glad to see your bible study!
    So grateful for your ability to listen and respond to God’s encouragement to you. I miss you and think of you often and pray you all are well.
    Much to love to you today from Colorado. (I love the top of Trail Ridge as one of your pictures :0) )

    1. Post

      Katharine, I just saw this in a group of spam messages. So I am sorry for the late reply. SO GLAD to hear from you. I will definitely add you back onto the list. I hope you and Matthew are doing well. Miss seeing your face. Would love for you to do the Psalms study. I am working on having it published. Godspeed dear friend!

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