Monthly Archives: June 2020

Unveiled Faces

Veiled faces are all I see these days. Squinty, hungry eyes probing above the provisional cloth façade, always seeking something more. “Do I know you?” they inquire, searching for other  discernable characteristics, trying to form a portrait, without the most prominent feature. Like a puzzle with missing pieces. “Are you still there, as you were before? Because you now seem so far away. I miss your smile.” It has been easy to hide these last few months, hasn’t it? More than just mandates, we have perhaps become too adept at keeping to...
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Power Grab

What shall I say? So many things to say. I’ve been struggling with what to say, what to pray, during the course of the last few weeks, as riots and protests have broken out across the country, bitterly dividing it down racial, political, and ideological lines. Honestly, I’ve been guarding my heart and mind during these days. I am careful with them, what I let in and out, what I let influence me. There is so much division and strife circulating in the news and on social media. On any given day I feel a mix of emotions that range...
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