Monthly Archives: March 2020

Today I Planted Petunias

Today I turned on the news. Stocks have tanked, and oil crashed and the virus spreads. Growing dread. Today I turned off the news. Today I went to the store. Lines form for empty shelves and the shoppers hoard. Panic soars. Today I stayed home from the store. Today I scrolled on my phone. Tidbits and memes compete and politics abound. No comfort found. Today I turned off my phone. Today I got some sad news. Sweet friend hushed a goodbye. No words to speak Tears down my cheek Today I got some bad news. Today I planted petunias. A heart unfolds in the sun and a garden renews, a promise imbues. Today I planted petunias. It seemed like the only appropriate response. I just...
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Irrational Prayer

I am a person of prayer. I pray a lot. I pray for others. And I pray for myself. I pray grandiose prayers - prayers that are meant to shake the earth. I pray trivial, pettish prayers that reveal my weakness and small-mindedness. I pray with lists and proposed outcomes. I pray out of a poetry in my heart. I pray rational prayers. I pray irrational prayers. I’d like to say I am learning a lot about prayer. I won’t try to summarize those lessons here. However, if I were to describe what I’ve been doing, I might say “dancing” - the kind where you are close enough to...
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