Monthly Archives: June 2017

A Gracious Rain

Heavy clouds have come up over the charcoal bay. Their ominous, rotund shapes are forming on the horizon, reaching immeasurably high above the choppy waters. Sea birds skirt the shoreline and walkers dart back to their cars. The only evidence of the sun is a brilliant gleam of light that traces itself momentarily along the uppermost edge of the cloud. And then it is gone. I am watching the sky. It is growing blacker, and blurry with rain in the distance. A brisk, wet breeze rises from the south, and the weather is upon me. I am running now. Soaked and...
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Work Hard Play Hard

I come to this page like a school girl, timid and reticent, not because she is shy, but because she has been caught skipping class. With a head bowed in obsequious submission, and eyes diverted from curious and eager glances, she slips into her regular seat, pulls out her book, and finds a middle page. She raises her shoulders, inclines her head towards the professor, and then in the quietest and most unsuspecting way, she unfolds her most ingratiating smile. She is bolder than you think. An unforced twinkle in her eye doesn’t hurt. No one asks her whereabouts or...
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