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There's No Place Like Home

This is an excerpt from my new book, Hand in Hand, that may not find it’s place within the binding after all. I am fascinated with the concept of “home,” believing it is a significant issue for most of us. See what you think.


Today I am positive I am wearing ruby red slippers. I feel as though I have been caught up in a twister, spawned from a late summer storm, and have landed in a place that is not at all like home. I study the landscape where I have landed, the carnival environment with grotesque and exaggerated...

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Leave The Gap

I am coining a new phrase. I have never heard anyone use this expression before, except myself. I’d never even heard myself say

it until a few days ago. It has been rolling around in my head ever since. “Leave the Gap”. This funny little phrase keeps popping up in my mind and in a thousand instances and seems to mean something along the lines of “leave room for God.”

The way I see it, the “gap” is the difference between our current situation and what we think is best for us. It’s the distance between what we believe God...

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