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The Greatest Of These Is Love

It was a beautiful scene. I looked around the dinner table, ten of us in total. It had been a perfect evening, filled with laughter, meaningful conversation and sincere friendship. I didn’t want the evening to end. As I surveyed my dinner companions, I realized they had known each

other most of their lives. Several had gone to grade school together. Others were college sweethearts. All had raised their children together. They knew each other very, very well. Almost too well. The stories that flew that night were of past escapades, where they narrowly escaped danger or disaster. They...
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Prisons, Crucibles and Gold

I recently read an article about Nelson Mandela, chronicling the events of his life and what made him the undeterred, focused leader and freedom fighter he was. I read about his childhood, his education and his passion for justice. Somewhere in the middle of the article, I read something very fascinating. Suddenly the words ceased to be about Mandela, but about me, and all of us.

Mandela, for all his redemptive achievements and proclamations of peace, had begun as nothing more than a fierce and rowdy revolutionary. But his time in prison transformed him into the man we honor and memorialize...

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My Kitchen Is A Greenhouse

This is a short one... I promise. I just had to share this funny revelation with you as I stand in my kitchen, skirting assorted pots - not as in pots and pans... but as in clay pots.

The thermometer has dropped just enough below sub-tropical temperatures as to threaten my motley assortment of botanical experiments, which normally reside on my kitchen patio. Each has a story, each a significant investment of love and attention, water and pruning. They are practically family - being nurtured along in various stages of rehabilitation, growth and development. Brief snaps of 30 degree weather sound...

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A New Year Resolution

I sit here on a cold January morning, with the sunlight beaming in the windows.The crisp, early light is a beacon of hope for the new day and the new year. It is fresh, clean, invigorating. Devotional books are scattered to my side, and I bask in the quiet refuge that is this room, before the children wake up - before the day emerges - before I begin again. Somehow the storm of the holidays has left me a little starved for the quiet spaces where my spirit can be refreshed and fed.

I stare at the piles of boxes...

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