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If you ask me how many days until Christmas, I will reply the number of days until my children come home from school. For me, Christmas doesn’t start until they walk in the door and flop on the sofa. My greatest desire is to see their faces and put my arms around their great big shoulders that now tower over mine. Though they will resist it and chide me, I will spend the holiday just gazing at their faces.

I don’t wait for Christmas, like a child waiting for presents. I wait like...

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Conversations I Had Today

“I know what is wrong with the Church these days,” an elderly man said to me this morning, as we stopped and visited in the wet and wicked wind coming off the bay. Tears rolled down his cheeks, more from the wind than lament. But still there was distress in his voice. I was silent, and waited for him to finish. I was unsure

what might come next. “The people. They do not come together,” he said in his broken English and thick accent. He was voicing the longing of a thousand generations, “How long O Lord”, before you...

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