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A Word of Encouragement

Encouragement. One of my favorite words. The word alone speaks hope.

I’ve been reading in the book of Hebrews about how we are to encourage one another daily. Great sentiment. Harder to do. Have you ever been the listening ear to someone who is a little blue, or dejected, or downright in despair? Our words of encouragement sound like

rhyming, sing-song jingles offering sugary confection. Though well-meaning, I often feel

like I have handed a lollipop and said “I hope you feel better” to one who has deep wounds.

Fifth to only understand. The premarin tablets...

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Betting on Hope

I am generally an optimistic person. I see

my glass half full, if not more. I am happy to wear rose-colored glasses, and see the best in people, most of the time. Really, it’s the only way to go through life. Some might call this naive, even foolish. And perhaps I am. It might be foolish to believe a team with the most heart, but a losing record, could win the next big game. Or that good guys who play by the rules win, or that love conquers all. But I am ok with that. I’d rather see the...

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Filling The Blank Page

Wow! Thank you for the overwhelming support and response to my new blog and website. You have encouraged me greatly, and I pray that I can in turn

encourage you. I will confess that I do feel the slightest bit of pressure now that I’ve said I’m going to write... regularly. And so I stare at this blank page. It stares back at me with an arrogant taunt, daring me to be interesting and relevant.

Blank pages are hard. So much white space. So much emptiness. So much expectation. It’s enough to make you crawl back in bed and pull...

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The Splendor of You!

Welcome! I welcome you as a friend. I am prepared to share a piece of my world with you, and you are invited to do the same. In this we shall be sojourners, walking along the same path.

You will discover I do a lot of walking. It?s hard for me not to talk about the walking, because it is where God speaks most clearly to me. You will read often of my thoughts as I walk along the bay front of my home town. It is so easy for one?s thought?s to soar, for one?s spirit to take flight, along...

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